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Indians are the most stressed about jobs and financial security globally. We find out what steps can be taken to turn the situation around.....Life coach Suneel Vatsyayan feels that most people do not even realise they are under stress. He says, “A profession gives us an identity but it comes with certain expectations. What we are missing is empowering workplaces because of negative/envious/cut throat competitiveness. People are often trying to hide their problems from their family members due to stigma or lack of trust. Talking about finance and work pressure in the family is a taboo. Even parents find it hard to discuss openly about financial difficulties one is facing at work.”

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NADA keeps growing and thriving because its members are committed to using acu detox for wellness


NADA keeps growing and thriving because its members are committed to using acu detox for wellness, healing pain and suffering of people living with addiction, trauma, non communicable diseases  or other behavioral health issues worldwide. Join us and gain all the benefits of training that can support you personally and professionally.It is designed for those who are already working in the addiction or health promotion field and who want to add to their knowledge and provide additional treatment options for their clients/target groups.

 Nada India training follows the format of the successfully accredited Protocol training developed by NADA US at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital New York.(  Nada India registered trainers were trained by Dr.Michael O.Smith psychiatrist and founder of NADA International.

 I am happy to inform you that next NADA Protocol training workshop is scheduled to be held in Delhi on 1st June and 2nd June 2019 (Field work)

This certificate course is a blended learning experience – theory, practical, group work, ongoing assessment, continuing clinical and professional development and sustained membership. You may like to nominate your staff/officer.

Please fill the registration form and send it back for consideration.

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